Training for Preventing Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by Rserving


Workplace Harassment Prevention Training from PSCC

Rserving PSCC branched off from the first online training school in 1998.   PSCC has been providing training online for over 15 years, and has trained over half a million students.  One of the trademarks of PSCC is Rserving, which stands for Responsible Serving, and provides training in the hospitality industry.

Rserving Mission

To provide high-quality education at low, affordable price.
If you find other certification courses at a lower price, please let us know and we will lower our prices. We continually work towards improving our products and encourage you to explore all that Rserving® has to offer.

What The Workplace Harassment Course Accomplishes

It is important to have every employee and employer aware of the harmful effects and consequences of workplace harassment. The workplace harassment prevention course allows everyone to be on the same page about what is and is not acceptable behavior in the workplace. This training will help to promote positivity and safety in the workplace.  Also, in cases of a harassment complaint, the system allows an employee to log in, access forms, and register a complaint.

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we take pride in our long history of providing high-quality training.